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Wall art inspired by nature and designed with LOVE!


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Custom Designs

I would love to make something that inspires and ignites you. Please contact me to discuss your ideas for a custom quote and let's bring it to life.

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Mountain Scapes

Mountains represent adventure and freedom. They call to us, speak to us and ground us. Enjoy my interpretation of this natural beauty.

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The circle mirror represent beauty and unconditional love. Mirrors reflect your innermost self. I hope these pieces find a special place in your home.

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Earrings and more for the women who love to accentuate their day with a bright, fun and funky look inspired by nature. All earring hooks are 18K gold or Sterling Silver and hypoallergenic.


Ocean Love

Born and raised in California, the ocean has always been something magical and something to be respected. I loved watching the sunset every night and love recreating that beauty to adorn people's homes.

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Triangle Shelves

I wanted to make things that were not only beautiful but also functional. Welcome my triangle shelf collection. Enjoy displaying all of your prized treasures on these joyful pieces that are made from recycled wood.

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Every child has an animal hidden within them and they all deserve to be reminded of their wild side. These pieces are meant to do just that.